Explore the Cupola House for an Amazing Afternoon

Why You Need to Visit the Cupola House

Edenton, a charming, waterfront town of North Carolina, is a favorite destination for many reasons; one its most prominent qualities, however, is its rich, historical background.  This area is bursting with amazing historic sites that tell incredible stories of the past, one of which is the Cupola House.  This beautifully preserved home is full of precious items and antique furnishings that are centuries old.  Visit this intriguing estate today to learn all about its history and explore its many hidden treasures.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Cupola House

  1. Fascinating History

For over two and a half centuries, this magnificent home has stood the test of time.  Built in the 1700s for the wealthy Earl of Granville, Robert Carteret, this Jacobean-style mansion soon became known one of the finest homes in the South.  The Cupola House was purchased by the influential Dickinson family in the late 1700s and they, along with their descendants, dwelled there for the next 141 years.  It was finally sold in the early 1900s; the town insisted that it be preserved, so the Cupola House Organization was created to transform this home into a library that served its community for the next 45 years.  The house was renovated in the 1960s so it could become a museum, providing the area with exhibits and artifacts showcasing the Cupola history and North Carolina’s unique origins.  Although this attraction is a beloved spot for many reasons, it is best known for being the earliest recorded community preservation effort in the state.

  1. Fun Activities

The museum is just part of what the historic Cupola House has to offer.  Surrounding this monumental mansion are lush, vibrant gardens that create a spectacular display of color.  Stroll through this area to see flourishing flowers, thriving herb gardens, and a beautiful orchard.  These are open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for visitors to enjoy a relaxing walk through this gorgeous environment.  Tickets can be purchased in the Edenton Visitor Center.

  1. Entertaining Events

This historic site not only offers interesting information and exhibits, but also hosts events and programs for the benefit of the community.  The Cupola House signature event is Easels in the Gardens, a fantastic two days of enjoyable activities that occurs every year in April.  During this event, you can attend floral workshops, eat delicious food from vendors, and tour the gardens, where artists will be painting.  There will be kids’ activities for young ones, a dance through downtown Edenton on Friday night, and a Garden Party Saturday night that will feature food, drinks, art sales, and an auction.  This is one of the town’s favorite traditions, so don’t miss out!  Tickets can be purchased online.

To learn more about North Carolina history, be sure to visit the James Iredell House as well.

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