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Your Ultimate Guide to What You Need to Know About Edenton, NC, History

Edenton, North Carolina, is special for many reasons. However, one of the main reasons why so many people love this charming small town is its rich and fascinating history. Discover everything you need to know about Edenton, NC, history and make plans to visit this beautiful destination today!

How to Explore Edenton, NC, History

All About Historic Edenton

Edenton has played a key role in North Carolina history throughout the years. It actually served as the state’s first colonial capital until the year 1743, making it the center of culture and economy for years. Edenton was also the setting of numerous significant historic events, such as Civil War battles. The famous Edenton Tea Party also took place here; this was a major landmark in time as it was the first political movement organized solely by women.

Where to See Edenton, NC, History

Historic Edenton is overflowing with incredible historic sites that are a treat to visit and explore. Each spot contains something different to see; with an abundance of original homes and landmarks, you’ll learn all about this area’s intriguing past. Here are some of the best places around town to explore Edenton, NC, history.

Penelope Barker House: Come see where the idea for the Edenton Tea Party evolved!

Roanoke River Lighthouse: A notable landmark since 1886, this towering lighthouse is a great place to visit to admire panoramic views of the surrounding scenery.

Hope Plantation: See a classic example of plantation life. This authentic historic home is great for tours and strolling the grounds.

Chowan County Courthouse: This is the most intact colonial courthouse in the entire country! Come take a tour!

To see the best of Edenton, NC, history, take a trolley tour! You’ll be transported through town in a historic trolley while being told stories of the town’s early origins and major events.

More Amazing Edenton, NC, Things to Do

There are so many fun things to do in Edenton, NC, in addition to learning about its amazing history! Edenton’s waterfront location, combined with its amazing parks, provide endless opportunities for fun in the great outdoors. The Edenton, NC, downtown area also offers its own attractions, such as amazing dining and shopping. Come visit today to discover why this is such a wonderful, peaceful haven of the South.

Where to Stay While You’re Exploring Edenton, NC, History

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