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What Is the Edenton Tea Party?

Edenton, North Carolina, is not just famous for being the “Prettiest Small Town in the South”; it is also known for its abundance of museums and historic sites.  This town played a key role throughout many landmark events throughout history, such as the Civil War.  One important event that unfolded right in this town was the Edenton Tea Party.  Although not everyone has heard of this event, it still remains one of the most influential protests in American history.  Learn all about what happened during the Edenton Tea Party and how it impacted both the local community and the entire country.

Everything You Need to Know about the Edenton Tea Party

When Did the Edenton Tea Party Take Place?

Most people are aware of the Boston Tea Party, which occurred in December in the year of 1773, right before the American Revolution broke out.  Being an inland port town as well, Edenton, NC, was also greatly disturbed by the ridiculous tax on tea.  They sent food and provisions to their fellow suffering Americans in Boston to show their united spirit.  The following October of 1774, a similar protest took place in Edenton.

What Happened during the Edenton Tea Party?

Penelope Barker, an Edenton resident, assembled an alliance of fifty women to stand up to King George and his Tea Act of 1773.  They sent a letter to him stating that, in order to support the American cause against “taxation without representation,” they were no longer going to drink tea or use British goods.  The Edenton Tea Party petition was bravely signed by these women, who knew that sending this document to the king was an act of treason.

Why Was the Edenton Tea Party Significant?

The Edenton Tea Party is remembered as the first political movement organized solely by women in the colonies.  Protesters in Boston disguised themselves to remain anonymous, but these women boldly owned up to their actions and beliefs by signing their real names on their petition.  Their bravery shocked both their fellow Americans and the British.  If you want to learn more about the life of Penelope Barker, visit the Barker House in Edenton, North Carolina.  A famous local landmark, this is a wonderful place to explore history.

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