Adventure Through Time on the Historic Albemarle Tour

Experience the most intriguing parts of North Carolina history by navigating through the oldest heritage trail of the Southeast!  The Historic Albemarle Tour features landmarks of this fascinating state that can be traced back to the 17th century.  Visitors flock to this attraction every year to see firsthand some of the oldest artifacts and historic sites around, representing influential times of the area’s development.  Check out a few especially interesting highlights of the Historic Albemarle Tour and start making plans to visit!

6 Highlights of the Historic Albemarle Tour

  1. Aurora Fossil Museum

A notable stop of this tour is the Aurora Fossil Museum.  Displaying all types of preserved fossils and specimens as well as collections of gems and minerals, this institution strives to educate the public about the history of coastal North Carolina and well as the topics of paleontology and geology.  Make sure to walk through the terrifying Shark Hall!

  1. Hope Plantation

One of the most beloved historic sites in North Carolina, Hope Plantation is home to several beautifully preserved houses, unique to the area.  You can also wander along the many surrounding trails to admire some of the most picturesque scenery around.

  1. Frisco Native American Museum

This museum was created to honor and display preserved relics of many Native American tribes of North America.  Attend the Frisco Native American Museum events to learn more about their culture, such as the Powwow Sharing Circle, or journey along their many walking and hiking trails.

  1. Museum of the Albemarle

Dedicated to educating the community about North Carolina’s role throughout history, the Museum of the Albemarle shows the acts of bravery and sacrifice performed by some of the state’s most intrepid leaders through countless exhibits and artifacts.  View iconic symbols of the state, such as the North Carolina Shad boat, or get a glimpse of what life was like in the early days by visiting their Discovery Room.

  1. North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island

This attraction has amazing things to see, such as the largest collection of sharks in the state.  Watch as countless species of fish, as well as alligators and otters, swim around at this North Carolina Aquarium; you can even touch a stingray!

  1. Edenton

A highly esteemed part of the Historic Albemarle Tour is the charming town of Edenton.  Known as the “Prettiest Small Town of the South,” Edenton offers everything from scenic views to downtown shopping.  You can walk along the banks of the gorgeous Albemarle Sound or browse through the many one-of-a-kind shops downtown.  However, the best characteristic of Edenton, NC, has to be the fantastic Inner Banks Inn, our cozy bed and breakfast consisting of two historic cottages filled with luxurious rooms.  Here you’ll find the finest amenities, along with our very own deluxe restaurant, The Table at Inner Banks Inn, serving absolutely exquisite meals.  Our friendly and professional staff is dedicated to ensuring that you have a wonderful and relaxing experience here in our peaceful haven of the South.  Don’t hesitate another moment; check our availability and book your stay with us today!

Photo by Jeff Knox Photography


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