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How To Say Yes To A Pet Friendly Wedding



Is your fur baby looking to be front and center when you say \”I Do\”? Explore these 7 tips to have a perfect destination wedding that is beautiful, stress free AND pet-friendly. 

1. Pick an all inclusive venue.

Of course your pup means the world to you, so choosing a destination where everyone can stay together and get married in one location is an ideal choice. This will ensure your pup has plenty of time with you and keeps transitions to a minimum. Look for a destination that includes dog friendly suites and fenced-in areas where your pup can run and play. This assures everyone will start your beautiful wedding weekend on a blissful note.

2. Have the best dog-friendly help.

For the wedding it is best to hire a helping hand to be in charge of your fur babies during the ceremony and reception. Your pet friendly venue should have contacts for a trusted pet sitter. This will ensure that your pup is being well taken care of without having a close family member or friend miss out on the wedding! Also, ask your wedding planner or coordinator of the venue if there is any trusted staff that would be willing to take on this important job. 

3. Keep the attire simple and elegant.

Unless your pup is a seasoned fashion diva, keep the outfit simple and minimal. A coordinating collar or bandana is plenty. Avoid materials that may be itchy or promote chewing. However, if you\’re set on the trending flower and greenery collar than use that for pictures and have a regular one for the ceremony and reception. Just remember to check that none of the flowers or greenery are toxic to your pet.  

4. Remember to allow for the unexpected.

There will be lots of new faces and smells of all sorts before, during and after your ceremony. Begin the training early. Walking on a leash and sitting with a word command, hand signal or sweet gesture is all a part of preparing your faithful companion for your special day. Having your pet be apart of the rehearsal can cut down on unexpected stops and help your pup better understand the role. 

5. Be sensitive to non-dog people.

While you love your fur baby to the moon and back, there are a few people on this planet who are simply not dog lovers. Have a designated area during your reception for your pups so they are included but it can be your guests choice to give them love and affection. Lastly, be mindful of guests with allergies, it is always a good idea to have a few extra place settings should anyone need to relocate on short notice.

6. Be flexible with the schedule.

A wedding is a long day for any pup so allow for a flexible exit time. Work with your dog sitter to communicate the moment when leaving is in your pet’s best interest. Have prearranged transportation for the two of them to return to their pet-friendly lodging to unwind and hang out together.

7. Have your dog\’s best interest at heart. 

If your dog truly isn’t up for a long term event, think about how happy your dog will be to be a part of a your wedding for just a short time instead. A few moments to wish you well with lots of puppy kisses and tale wags will leave all with wonderful memories. This is a great time for your pet-loving photographer to capture those special puppy shots.

Are you seeking a magical place where your pup is treated as amazing as your guests? At Inner Banks Inn, our pet friendly lodging, patio dining and grounds provide an ideal setting for you and for your furry loved one during your wedding weekend. We are experienced innkeepers, chefs and wedding professionals who are passionate dog lovers, too. Contact us today and begin planning your Happily Ever Edenton Weekend, with your pup right there by your side.


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