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How to Throw a Post Elopement Party

Were you planning your “happily ever after,” and things changed? Maybe your ceremony happened, and you thought you could celebrate it when a “post-COVID” environment arrives. Whatever the reason, a post elopement celebration allows you to gather and celebrate your marriage with loved ones after the fact. Inner Banks Inn is the best place in North Carolina to make up for that lost time.

What Is a Post Elopement Party?

Post elopement parties are similar to wedding after-parties. Think of it as fun plus no stress equals a remarkable celebration. It’s an attractive solution for couples who choose to elope and now desire to celebrate their union later.

Is It OK to Elope and Then Have a Party?

Yes! Your choice to elope with your partner creates an intimate memory for just the two of you. You save money by choosing to elope and get married in a meaningful setting without worrying about the mass gathering capacities.

But let’s be honest, there is no denying that an elopement isn’t a traditional wedding experience. Furthermore, it may have left feelings of regret with family and friends that they couldn’t share the wedding with you.

Your post elopement party is an opportunity to celebrate your union with your family and friends. The stress and expectations associated with the protocol of a traditional ceremony do not exist. Now you are ready to plan your stress-free celebration event on your timetable.

When Should You Have a Party?

The great thing about post elopement parties is that they’re free of expectations. You can have the party any time from the day after you marry to a year after. So, you can feel free to plan your party whenever it makes sense.

One idea for saving costs on a post elopement party is to have a Friday or Sunday party. You can even try something unique like a Sunday brunch to make your post elopement party stand out.

How Do You Prepare for a Post Elopement Party?

Elopement reception planning is a lot like preparing for a traditional wedding reception but with less stress. You may not need a photographer, especially if you had one at your elopement, and you can get away with not having a traditional wedding cake. But you’ll still want to send out elopement party invitations and spend a little time planning your decor.

What Should You Do at a Post Elopement Party?

Post elopement parties are, first and foremost, parties. Turn up the music and have some fun!

But they’re also celebrating your union with your partner, so it can be fun to have some classic wedding celebrations as part of your celebration. A post elopement party can also be a fun time to show off your wedding photos or video footage of your elopement.

Plan Your Edenton, North Carolina Party Today

Are you looking to host a post elopement party here in “the South’s prettiest small town?” Look no further than Inner Banks Inn and Mulberry Hill on the Sound. We can help you plan the perfect post elopement party to celebrate your marriage in a unique and just way for you. Check our availability today to start planning your party now.

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