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Learn Everything You Need to Know about Penelope Barker, a Famous Edenton Icon

The rich history of Edenton, NC, is one of the many amazing features that draws so many people to visit this charming, waterfront town that sits on the banks of the Albemarle Sound. This area is filled with numerous historical buildings and attractions that are great for tours and learning about the origins of this fascinating town. One figure that made a significant impact in Edenton is Penelope Barker. A local resident born in this town in the year 1728, Penelope accomplished many things in her lifetime that still serve as an inspiration to people today. Learn all about the achievements that Penelope Barker and find out how she influenced Edenton so momentously.

Everything You Need to Know about Penelope Barker

The Life of Penelope Barker

Born and raised in Edenton, Penelope Barker showed early signs of a strong leader when her father died when she was but a young girl. Helping her mother raise her younger siblings while also tending to the plantation made her take on adult responsibilities at an early age. Sadly, her life continued with more hardships when she married at age 17 and her husband passed shortly after. Her remarriage resulted in the death of her second husband, and her third in the loss of three infant children. Although the Penelope Barker timeline of her life was scattered with tragedies, it made her a strong and logical woman.

The Edenton Tea Party

Right before the American Revolution broke out, Penelope’s third husband, Thomas Barker, traveled to England to serve a diplomat for the state of North Carolina. During his absence, Penelope became incensed with the British people’s practice of “taxation without representation.” She gathered a group of fifty women who also agreed they should boycott British goods, and together they arranged a meeting and signed a petition in Penelope Barker’s home to send to England. This meeting became known as the Edenton Tea Party, the first political activism organized solely by women.

The Penelope Barker House

Today, you can tour the Penelope Barker House in Edenton, NC, to explore the very spot where this monumental petition was signed! Take a tour and observe the many exhibits in this historic attraction. This house also offers some of the finest views of the surrounding area, making it a wonderful spot to spend time relaxing in Edenton.

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