An avid anglers holds a decent sized flounder on a boat while fishing in North Carolina.

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An avid anglers holds a decent sized flounder on a boat while fishing in North Carolina.
Outdoor Activities
Edenton: Your Basecamp for a North Carolina Fishing Vacation

As one of North Carolina’s many significant estuaries, the Albemarle Sound is an ideal place for spending time on the water. Sailing, kayaking, and other water-based recreational activities are popular pastimes for visitors and locals alike. And one sport that goes hand and hand with the scenic environments found in the Inner Banks is fishing.

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A male and female couple flirtatiously okay at the bottom of the staircase while the male holds a camera and the female smiles during a trip to Edenton, NC.
Inner Banks Attractions | Things to Do in Edenton, NC

Whether you’re staying at Inner Banks Inn for business, pleasure, or both, exploring the quaint town of Edenton, NC, is a worthy consideration. There are many exciting things to do, from fishing to shopping and everything in between! History buffs will enjoy Edenton’s storied past, while outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the many recreational options. And there are several unique shops and specialty stores that promise

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Corporate Meeting room with chart
One of the Best Corporate Retreat Locations Is in Edenton

Team building, problem-solving, and long-range planning are essential aspects of any business. Taking time away from day-to-day tasks to focus on the bigger picture and personal connection is always time well spent. Inner Banks Inn in Edenton is one of the best locations for a corporate retreat. Bring Your Team to Edenton In northeastern North Carolina, only 90 minutes south of Hampton Roads and about two

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A couple enjoy a romantic Edenton, NC, restaurants.
Restaurants in Edenton NC
Edenton, NC, Restaurants for Your Honeymoon

North Carolina is a beautiful and romantic place for a honeymoon. Edenton, NC, is also stacked with fantastic restaurants for you and your partner. Edenton, NC, and the surrounding area are some of the best places to start looking. The Inner Banks Inn is the ideal place to call your home away from home while you enjoy married life, the sights, and most importantly, the delicious

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A cardinal sitting in a tree in one of the best state parks in North Carolina.
North Carolina Getaway
The Best North Carolina State Parks for Watching Birds

North Carolina State Parks are the best place in the state for bird watching. Even if you are not a seasoned bird watcher, there are plenty of unique birds in the area to marvel at while sipping a cup of coffee near the beach. Inner Banks Inn is ideally near some beautiful paths and state parks to stroll and view North Carolina’s wildlife. Here’s a brief

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