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Inner Banks Attractions | Things to Do in Edenton, NC


Whether you’re staying at Inner Banks Inn for business, pleasure, or both, exploring the quaint town of Edenton, NC, is a worthy consideration. There are many exciting things to do, from fishing to shopping and everything in between! History buffs will enjoy Edenton’s storied past, while outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the many recreational options. And there are several unique shops and specialty stores that promise to provide adequate retail therapy. This eclectic community amid the Inner Banks has a lot to offer.

Edenton, NC | History, Recreation, and More

The Tar Heel State’s second oldest town, Edenton, NC, boasts appealing prospects for a wide range of travelers. You could spend a day visiting historical sites or rent a canoe and float down Dillard Creek. The possibilities are endless! To help you navigate through the many things to do, we put together a simple guide showcasing a few of our favorite activities.

Historical Significance in Edenton

As we mentioned, Edenton, NC, is home to a rich history. There is a lot to learn from some of the state’s oldest houses, churches, political landmarks, and public buildings! The 1767 Chowan County Courthouse offers an authentic look into the elegant architecture of its time. Head over to Waterfront Park to find out about the Maritime Underground Railroad and the firsthand accounts of how Harriet Jacobs lived and escaped a life of slavery. Or take in the views of Edenton Bay from the equally idyllic and iconic Penelope Barker House Welcome Center. You can find more historic landmarks by visiting the Edenton Historical Commission website.

10 More things to Do in Edenton, NC

There’s much more to Edenton than historic buildings. Here are a few more exciting things to check out during your stay!


  • Canoeing and kayaking are adventurous ways to immerse yourself in nature’s bounty. The Edenton area is teeming with “paddling trails” to satisfy your curiosity while observing beautiful vegetation and wildlife.
  • The Chowan Arts Council and Gallery Shop is an excellent place for art aficionados and casual enthusiasts alike. They always have something new.
  • Edenton Bay Cruises offer scenic tours rife with picturesque vistas of the town and the charming company of Capt. Mark Theiser. Be sure to ask about their themed and private charters.
  • The Edenton Steamers collegiate baseball club at Hicks Field is part of the Tidewater Summer League and offers sports fans a chance to support a local team. Go Steamers!
  • Shopping in downtown Edenton is a surefire way to unearth hidden gems and treasures. From clothes to gifts, there are several retailers to peruse.
  • The Hendrix Park & Cannon’s Ferry River Walk is an easy way to burn some energy while taking in the scenic Chowan River with interpretive signage and an inviting picnic area.
  • Edenton Marina has slip rental and easy access to various waterfront attractions on the Albemarle Sound if you’re into boating.
  • Edenton has many opportunities for those who would rather spend time on the water fishing. You can go solo at the Chowan Fishing Pier or choose from several guide services like Albemarle Fishing Charters or OBX Inshore Fishing Excursions.
  • Edenton Ghost Walk is a spine-tingling way to explore town.
  • There always seems to be an intriguing event in Edenton, from live music to community festivals. Check the towns’s events page for new things to do!

A Memorable Place to Stay in Edenton, NC

Now that you have a few ideas in mind, it’s time to start planning the ultimate NC vacation! Inner Banks Inn is Edenton, NC’s premier bed and breakfast, offering ideal access to several of the town’s prominent landmarks, attractions, and other things to do. Please check accommodation availability online or reach out directly by calling 252-482-3641 today!

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