Map to Answer the Question, Where is Edenton NC?

Where is Edenton, NC, and Why Do You Need to Visit?

If you’re craving a getaway to the South, we know the perfect place for you to visit!  Edenton, NC, is a fantastic waterfront town, filled with breathtaking natural beauty and exciting things to do.  Whether you love learning about history or exploring the great outdoors, this area has just the activity to make you happy.  Let us answer all your questions about this destination, such as “Where is Edenton, NC?” and “What is there to do?” to help you find out why this town is the best place for a vacation!

Everything You Need to Know about Edenton, NC

  1. Where is Edenton, NC?

Edenton, NC, is a charming small town tucked away in Northeastern North Carolina on the banks of the gorgeous Albemarle Sound, in the Inner Banks region.  Part of Chowan County, Edenton has some neighboring towns that include Plymouth, Elizabeth City, and Williamston.

  1. What Makes Edenton Special?

Edenton has a rich, historical background that sets it apart from the many other towns in North Carolina.  This time-honored town contains three National Historic Landmarks along with a variety of other historic sites and antique homes, like the 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse and the Barker House.  There are also some truly amazing Edenton, NC, restaurants as well that make it an ideal destination.

  1. What Are Some Things to Do in Edenton, NC?

In addition to touring its many historic sites, Edenton offers countless other attractions as well.  There are a plethora of walking and hiking trails available to explore while admiring stunning views of the area’s picturesque scenery.  With its location on the waterfront, Edenton also provides endless opportunities for activities on the water, like sailing, cruises, kayaking, and canoeing.  This town hosts numerous annual festivals as well; both locals and visitors alike love celebrating during events like the Edenton Music and Water Festival, Shrimp by the Bay, Taste of Edenton, Peanut Festival, and the Historic Edenton Ghost Walk Tours.  Shopping in downtown Edenton is another beloved pastime here; the many unique stores are the perfect place for picking out a souvenir.

  1. What is the Edenton, NC, Weather Like?

Outdoor recreation in Edenton is always enjoyable due to the phenomenal weather here!  This town boasts mild winters and warm summers to create a wonderful climate all year long.  The average temperature in the winter stays in the 30s and 50s Fahrenheit, while summers usually stay in the 80s and doesn’t peak above 90.  With weather like this, you’ll have a blast adventuring through the great outdoors of North Carolina.

  1. Where Should I Stay in Edenton, NC?

Stay in an exquisite Edenton, NC, bed and breakfast to make your getaway to the South the best it can be!  Spend some time with us at Inner Banks Inn, a deluxe bed and breakfast in Edenton that offers luxurious rooms found in two historic cottages, all equipped with the finest amenities.  Enjoy strolling through our beautiful grounds, or exploring the nearby downtown area.  Check our availability to start planning your dream vacation today!

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